Who are we

Zetigon is your solution to navigating the complexity of the digital world.

+800 Completed Projets

over the last 7 years

We assess your needs and partner with you to understand, improve and grow your business.

In our digital world surrounded by so much data and so many solutions on offer, it is often challenging for businesses to navigate this complex world. The fast-paced, innovative nature of this digital world leaves businesses bombarded with a host of products and offerings that they aren’t necessarily equipped to decipher or to even begin to understand.

What we do

The core of every business revolves around systems and software. From a simple landing page with contact information to fully integrated web-based API integrations, our team has the skill and expertise to bring your business to the 21st century. 

There are often times where a simple solution is a perfect fit. Over the years, Zetigon has developed a host of engaging digital tools for all types of business. Use our digital tools and create memorable engagements with your clients. We are constantly growing our offering for you.

We understand the challenges businesses face when navigating the digital world. Our team are committed to guiding you through this process. The Zetigon consulting team understands your business needs and suggests the perfect solution.

Why us

Why you should choose Zetigon

Over many years, we have created solutions for a diverse range of clients – specifically designed to meet their needs. From automated recurring billing systems to digital onboarding solutions, fully-fledged API integrations to simple tracking systems, mobile applications, high-converting landing pages, autom

Simple Solutions

The Zetigon Group is built on our core mission to help businesses navigate the complexity of the digital world in order to implement the most effective solutions and strategies to better their business.

Africa and Beyond

Over the years, our client-base has grown beyond our roots in South Africa. Zetigon's Clients extend to USA, Israel, Baharain, Dubai and Australia.

In-House Team

Our dedicated team of solution architects, software developers, UI designers, web designers, digital marketers, graphic designers and digital experts, we are here to revolutionise the way businesses work.


Zetigon is not just your supplier, we are your long term partner to navigating and growing with the digital world.

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