WiFi Marketing

We create innovative engaging brand messaging with audience engaging technology.

WiFi Marketing

In an industry rife with competition, it is essential for a brand to stand out from the rest. The challenge is that all brands are trying to be different, and in turn, end up doing the same thing!

Zetigon has built an engaging wifi marketing solution that enables brands to actively engage with their audience by providing them with a much-desired commodity – for free!

The purpose of Zetigon Wifi is to not only raise awareness of your brand name but upon connecting, users are required to submit certain details and agree to marketing materials*. This allows you to create a database of ‘real people who can be marketed to further. We create innovative engaging brand messaging with audience engaging technology.

Our system is fully customisable and the look-and-feel, branding, colour scheme and images can all be adjusted to suit your brand. Further, once a successful login has taken place, the user can be redirected to a landing page of your choosing.

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Why us ?

There is nothing South Africans love more than Free Wifi. Through our strategic partnerships with well-established media owners, we have secured some of the most high foot traffic locations across South Africa to provide this offering to brands. 

Foot traffic pop-up shops, malls, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, office parks and more. Every location needs Wifi and every Wifi connection is the opportunity to engage with your users. 

Take your customer engagement to another level with Zetigon Wifi. Make your brand stand out and gain that much needed competitive advantage. 

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