About us

We are a team of digital professonals, using our talent and expertise to solve real world problems. Zetigon has a diverse range of systems and solutions, which overtime have been implemented into hundreds of businesses.

Businesses need assistance to unlock the digital world and expand their possibilities in order to make their businesses better. To turn ideas into implementation and possibilities into possible.

Zetigon is your solution to navigating the complexity of the digital world.

We are your company’s digital partner. We immerse ourselves in your business to completely understand how you work. Our team engages with all stakeholders to achieve one simple goal; improving your business with our digital expertise. 

This ‘improvement’ speaks for itself; there are times when we develop software from the ground up and there are times when a simple SAAS off-the-shelf system is the way to go. We have situations where a couple of hours of consulting is the start and there are times when a long-lasting partnership is our approach.

We assess your needs and partner with you to understand, improve and grow. 

Over many years, we have created solutions for a diverse range of clients – specifically designed to meet their needs. From automated recurring billing systems to digital onboarding solutions, fully-fledged API integrations to simple tracking systems, mobile applications, high-converting landing pages, automated Covid screening software, digital events; When you think digital, think Zetigon.

With this experience, we are proud to have created a group of companies and offerings which are essential in our mission to help you navigate the complexity of the digital world, in order to implement the most effective solutions and strategies to better your business.

We can’t wait to partner with you on your next project!

Let’s make your business better together!

Our Story

Milan Levy started Milan Media as a school student at the age of 14. With his unique technological capabilities and love for the digital world known to friends, family and the broader community, word spread and he began to be approached to help with various digital projects. From humble beginnings creating videos for a school project, Milan became known as the “tech solutions guy” and within a few years Milan Media had grown into a fully-fledged digital solutions company.

As Milan Media grew from his hobby into a successful business, the need to professionalise and formalise the company became increasingly important. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic our offering really started to take off as the world had to quickly move towards using digital and remote working solutions. Milan began to bring on partners and built a team to assist with building the company.

During this time we completed over 130 projects. We quickly saw our offering shifting from the “media space” to more “solution creation” and in 2021 we rebranded to Zetigon.

In 2021 we completed over 160 projects and also saw us expand our global footprint into Israel, USA, Dubai, Bahrain and Australia. Our team also grew to 5 full time staff members.

At Zetigon our focus is simple. How can we use our skills to solve real world problems? We have created and are constantly building an umbrella of companies that offer services to help your business grow.

We would love to work with you!

Simple solutions to complex problems

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