About Zetigon

We develop systems to allow people to work more efficiently and empower businesses to access their full digital potential.

About Us

Zetigon develops digital systems to allow people to work more efficiently and empower businesses to embrace technology. We work closely with clients to understand their current situation and their future plans. This allows us to create the perfect digital plan.

We are experts in problem-solving, development (web and mobile), system architecture and design, user experience and cloud technologies.

Zetigon has a simple approach to digital. We think big, we think long term but we act in the now.

We’ve completed hundreds of projects for clients with one golden thread in common; each client approaches us with their idea / the end goal / or the big picture plan, and they turned to us to find a solution to make it happen.

Zetigon is your one-stop for all your digital strategy, development, and implementation. We are your partner who will hold your hand, walk with you through the process and be with you as your business grows.

We work with SMMEs to large corporations. Our clients include insurance companies, property and real estate, start-ups, schools, religious organisations, and many doctors, dentists and physiotherapists!

Businesses and organisations across 6 countries have trusted Zetigon.

Our business is ‘literally’ about making your business better. Together we can achieve greatness. We would love to set up a Zoom coffee of office pop in, please feel free to contact us.

Our Story

Milan Levy started Milan Media as a school student at the age of 14. With his unique technological capabilities and love for the digital world known to friends, family and the broader community, word spread and he began to be approached to help with various digital projects. From humble beginnings creating videos for a school project, Milan became known as the “tech solutions guy” and within a few years Milan Media had grown into a fully-fledged digital solutions company.

As Milan Media grew from his hobby into a successful business, the need to professionalise and formalise the company became increasingly important. Our offering shifting from the “media space” to more “solution creation” and in 2021 we rebranded to Zetigon.

Zetigon Companies

Zetigon has created a number of out-the-box solutions ready to be implemented.

Our digital donations platform, Fundnation, allows organizations to easily run call-a-thon campaigns with integrations to make this process seamless.

Zetigon Mail is a cost-effective bulk email marketing platform with easy list management, full statistic tracking, and an advanced automation builder.