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Zetigon Mail (Formally Maildesk) is a simple and cost-effective bulk mail tool for businesses of all sizes. Email marketing is a critical component of any organization, and being able to constantly communicate with clients is the ‘make or break’.

Over time, the price of email marketing systems has become unaffordable for many businesses. Therefore, many businesses feel that email marketing doesn’t provide a good ROI and they land up neglecting this essential channel of communication.

Zetigon Mail was created to provide a simple and user-friendly access to email marketing for businesses.

We offer a wide range of cost effective email marketing packages.

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Over many years, we have created solutions for a diverse range of clients – specifically designed to meet their needs. From automated recurring billing systems to digital onboarding solutions, fully-fledged API integrations to simple tracking systems, mobile applications, high-converting landing pages, autom

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Zetigon offers email marketing consulting, customised HTML template design, email system management, database administration, API integration and much more! Ready to experience Zetigon?

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